The Web Stylist Presents The Spring 2018 Special
built upon WordPress

1.     This demo is part of the new 3 Pack of Artist Demos 

2. This deal is offered at an economy/artist budget rate of only $250 (+ $7.99 a month hosting via The Hosting Ninja)

3.     The Web Stylist aka The WordPress Ninja leaves know rea$on any artist/talent/new brand can’t have an incredible ‘World View’!

Send over the details about your ideal new site via The Web Stylist flat rate quote form HERE and be sure to add at the bottom when it says ‘Enter Discount Code if you have’ #artist250 and you will be one of our new artist pack clients. The conditions of this amazing new rate is that all images for the new site must be clearly titled and ready to upload to a new shared Dropbox folder that you will be sent an invite to.  The $250 is to be paid up front via a Freshbooks invoice send or a PayPal one (any debit or credit card be used to pay).

This makes it easy for us to know just where in the site your images should go, as well as it’s best for you SEO! This helps control what images show up on Google when people searching your name and related image content etc

A word .doc with all the text content for your site (About/Bio, Contact Info, Social Links, etc) shall also be ready to go and uploaded to the new shard Dropbox folder invite.

There will be one option for revision after The Web Stylist™ sends you the new site build, where you can then reply back with whatever edits may need to be done. Rest assured you will be able to make any other adjustments yourself after the site goes live as a tutorial video will be sent to you showcasing how to edit page titles, text, links, image gallery order and adding or replacing videos etc.

In Summary: ALL THAT’S REQUIRED for your amazing new World View:

• All images titled properly (best for site design clarity, organization and your SEO!)
• $250 Paid Up Front and then site work begins
• A new shared Dropbox folder invite
will be sent to your email where all images can be uploaded as well as a word .doc with site text content (About/Bio, social links, contact info)
• If you do currently have hosting for the site, just easily order a year or even a month to month from my The Hosting Ninja (as low as $7.99 mo. for Managed WordPress) and you’ll even have 24/7 customer support if ever needed
• There will be one round of site design edits after the new build is sent to you within 48/72 hours (once you review, just send a list of any changes preferred)
• The site will be designed upon a top WordPress theme (included! a $55 value) and built so you will easily be able to edit site content (Gallery images, video links, text, etc) easily yourself once the site goes live. A custom video tutorial will be sent to you outlining just how to do #winWIN